Arava Iron Works — David Borrus — Welded steel sculptures — Bronze castings

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Arava Iron Works — David Borrus, Sculptor
Welded steel sculptures
available as bronze castings

Dancers — Musicians (flute, saxophone, trumpet) — Menorahs and candlesticks — Athletes: skier, gymnasts (pommel horse, balance beam), pole vaulter, rower, basketball player, soccer goalie — Family: mother and child, father and child.

Steel and bronze capture the fluid movements — the internal strength of these materials captures the instant.

I weld figures that express the complex curves and stances of daily life. I work my gas torch to create musculature, instruments, Judaica, and motion. The works shown here are bronze castings of those welded steel sculptures.

phone/fax 617 547-0720,

  David Borrus, sculptor, welding